Mr Bates Vs the Post Office

Posted on 4th January 2024 by FilmFixer

ITV’s latest captivating drama, Mr Bates Vs the Post Office, is a brilliant portrayal of a real-life legal struggle that has been deemed one of the most significant miscarriages of justice in British legal history.

This extraordinary story follows the struggles of innocent sub-postmasters and postmistresses that find themselves wrongly accused of theft, fraud, and false accounting by the Post Office, due to a flawed IT system. With Toby Jones taking on the role of Mr. Alan Bates, this 4-part series dives into the strength and perseverance everyday heroes facing injustice.

Did you know that the filming of Mr Bates Vs the Post Office took place across 3 of our south London boroughs?

In Southwark, Borough Rd became took centre stage for the recreation of an interview with a post office manager.

In Bromley, this series filmed establishing shots on Orpington High Street, capturing the essence of the local surroundings. Additionally, Bloomfield Road served as the backdrop for an intense ambulance scene. Filming also took place in the suburbs of Bromley, doubling as various towns around the country and showcasing Bromley’s diversity. One such scene is a dramatic post office break-in, where Bexley doubles as Cheshire.

Using these locations imaginatively seamlessly transports audiences around the country, without the production ever leaving London. Series like this remind us of all of the magic and creativity behind TV screen and make us excited to see what happens next.

This one is definitely next on our watchlist, hopefully it’s on yours too!