Behind the Scenes Delight: 'Changing Ends' Filming highlights the Charm of Penhill Park

Posted on 7th June 2023 by FilmFixer

In the world of television, the magic often happens behind the scenes, and if you go to our Instagram (@FilmFixer) you will find a #BTS shots from the filming of ‘Changing Ends’ at Penhill Park in the London Borough of Bexley. With all episodes now available to stream on ITVX, fans are treated to a unique perspective on the production process, showcasing the beauty of Penhill Park and the charm of Bromley.

The picturesque Penhill Park, nestled in the heart of the London Borough of Bexley, provides the perfect backdrop for the whimsical world of ‘Changing Ends’.

The brainchild of beloved comedian and national treasure, Alan Carr, ‘Changing Ends’ takes viewers on a delightful journey through the comedian’s own life experiences. The semi-autobiographical nature of the show adds a personal touch, making it even more endearing to fans. Carr’s unique blend of humour, wit, and authenticity shines through in every episode, creating a heartwarming and relatable comedy that resonates with audiences of all ages.

With all episodes available for streaming on ITVx, fans can immerse themselves in the world of ‘Changing Ends’ at their convenience. Alan Carr’s comedic genius promises a delightful escape from reality and as you embark on this special journey, keep an eye out for Bromley as you may see a young Alan Carr running after an ice cream van in the borough.