Posted on 20th May 2022 by FilmFixer

PRU is BBC3’s brilliant new comedy about a group of Year 10 teens struggling to navigate adolescence in a pupil referral unit, a school for excluded kids.

​A number of FilmFixer locations in the Borough of Bexley, were used for the production, including Danson Crescent and Lane, Brooke Vale, Ramsden Road and Avenue Road. It tells the story through the eyes of four charismatic, but complex young people, for whom sometimes even the smallest of obstacles can feel like the end of the world. It was shot predominantly at Bexleyheath Maternity Hospital, with the former hospital used as a location for the people referral unit as well as the interiors doubling as classrooms, while exteriors made use of car parks and a first floor flat roof.

​In a world seldom seen by the public they struggle to stick to even the most basic of expectations and wreak havoc on their teachers’ day. The Cast and Crew were made up of an amazing array of emerging entry level talent, supported by Fully Focused Productions (who are one of our key Set Ready Partners). Fully Focused Productions provides valuable employment, experience and enables young people to gain vital transferable skills in the film and tv industry, whilst simultaneously injecting an authentic youth voice.

​This will be your new favourite show. On air from May 26th @bbcthree and iPlayer.